Triumph in the News

October 2018: Triumph In The News 


Speculation around the new 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 has reached fever pitch, with Triumph releasing the fifth (and final) teaser video last week. “We know it’s coming, we just don’t know what exactly to expect,” says RideApart, who list the Scrambler among the bikes they are most excited to see in 2019.  “I don’t really mind that – I like the story behind the bike, about how Triumph is going back to its 60s scrambling roots and is making the new Scrambler more rugged and brawny.” With the official unveiling scheduled for October 24, we don’t have long to wait! 


“Can a sportsbike loser have fun on a cruiser?” That’s the question posed in DriveTribe as a sportbike aficionado sheds his plastic-clad machine for the effortless cool of a Triumph Speedmaster and Bobber Black: “Not only can sportsbike riders enjoy a more laid-back ride, but I found it actually giving me back some passion for riding that’s been missing lately. A ride on a cruiser gives your brain space to contemplate life and the beauty of riding. If you’ve ridden for a while then you’ll find it takes you back to the basics, and you spend a lot of time marveling at the freedom and fact you’re riding a damn motorbike, and how cool is that?” 


Feast your eyes on this gorgeous custom Triumph Thruxton R and you may notice a little something extra peeking out from the right-side fairing. It’s dubbed the “Triumph Phantom Blaze” from German builders Mellow Motorcycles, and yes, that’s a Rotrex supercharger helping this Thruxton belt out a cool 142 horsepower. The Blaze was constructed especially for the Sultans of Sprint drag racing series in Europe where, to no one’s surprise, it took first place at this year’s races. Fancy one for yourself? If you have the cash, Mellow Motorcycles is offering the kit for sale! Or give your wallet a break and just read about it at