Triumph in the News

August 2018: In The News

Below is the latest Triumph In the News update for this week. We encourage all dealership employees to use these stories when engaging your customers and when posting social media content.

“There’s hardly a more rebellious sound in motorcycling than Triumph’s three-cylinder intake,” asserts luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report in a recent review of the new Triumph Street Triple. “And it perfectly matches the feeling the Street Triple 765 RS gives to its rider. You feel naughty, guilty, like you’re getting away with something. Riding to work shouldn’t be this much fun.” They go on to rave about the Triumph’s versatility, technical advancement and raw performance, arriving at the inevitable conclusion that “there are very few things the 765 RS doesn’t do brilliantly.”

Some may claim that NYC’s battered streets and snarled traffic is no place for motorcycles, while others would likely claim that there’s no better way to take in the city’s diverse cityscapes and hidden treasures than on two wheels. We’d be pretty firmly in that later category, along with the folks at META who just put together a gorgeous video documenting a day’s journey through the city aboard a Triumph Bobber Black and Speedmaster.

“The Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA and Tiger 800 XRx adventure motorcycles were absolutely perfect. There wasn’t a moment that either of us wished we were on different motorcycles. They handle wonderfully, they are easy to ride, the comfort level is outstanding, plus the performance and flexibility make for flawless travel companions.” When two journalists from Ultimate Motorcycling plan a four-day tour Wales, what better steeds to take on the wet and rugged Welsh landscape than a pair of Triumph Tigers?